B2B Lead Nurturing Guide

Reduce your spend and maximise your results

As marketers, we know well-qualified leads are crucial in securing a sale and increasing your overall conversion. It’s really surprising how many businesses let them slip through the net. A qualified lead can mean the difference between hitting or missing your revenue targets, so we have identified the best practice when making sure your leads are followed up successfully and not left to collect dust on the shelf. 

79% of marketing leads never convert into sales. Lack of lead nurturing is the common cause.

We often refer to lead nurturing like growing a plant. Give it the attention it needs, and it will grow into a tall tree that will go on to benefit you and the people around you. Forget about it, and it will wither and really struggle to develop. This is becoming more important as the cost of leads continues to rise. From events to Google paid ads, it is becoming increasingly expensive to create a successful demand generation campaign. To reduce your cost per lead and acquisition, you must first improve your conversion from prospect to buyer. Without nurturing leads, many fall short and subsequently continue to increase their own spend. 

Lead nurturing is a way to keep your lead engaged with your brand; show them that you are an industry thought leader; clearly illustrate your solution to their problems and give them the confidence that you are the right partner for them.

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